Schedule 3: Regulations, Policy and 

Creating Successful Waiver Applications

A detailed examination of the Schedule 3 regulations and policy, including a special focus on the Schedule 3 waiver provisions and how practitioners can create the most effective Schedule 3 waiver applications and submissions

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    This professional online workshop (OMARA Activity Code WK559) will earn 1 CPD point for OMARA registered migration agents as an OMARA online workshop (category A activity)

  •  What You'll Learn At This Live Online Workshop

  • Introduction to the Schedule 3 Regulations

    An overview of the Schedule 3 regulations, including the stated purpose of Schedule 3, application of Schedule 3 in different ways to different visa subclasses, historical issues, waiver options and more

  • The Elements of Schedule 3 Explained

    Each of the elements of the Schedule 3 regulations including clauses 3001, 3002, 3003, 3004 and 3005 are explained in detail including impact on visa applicants, historical considerations regarding past visa applications, whether a waiver may be possible and more

  • Exceptions and Waivers

    A detailed look at the waiver provisions of Schedule 3 including regulation, policy and case law considerations. Discussion of types of reasons that may tend to qualify for the Schedule 3 waiver provisions, types of circumstances that may not tend to qualify, treatment of the Schedule 3 waiver provision by DHA and the AAT, managing client expectations re Schedule 3 waivers and more

  • Creating Effective Schedule 3 Waiver Submissions

    A detailed discussion of the process of creating a Schedule 3 waiver application package including fine-tuning your legal arguments to make them as effective and impactful as possible, developiing the most effective evidence and linking evidence to your arguments, and painting an overall compelling picture of your client that is both accurate and as effective as possible given the Schedule 3 waiver provisions and treatment of Schedule 3 by DHA and the AAT.

Online Workshop Details

  • Presenter:

    Mark Northam

    Principal Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1175508)

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    All Times AEST (Sydney) Time 

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