The New Subclass 870 Temporary Parent Visa - Part 2

A Comprehensive Look At The New Legislation

Part 2 of our in-depth look at the new Subclass 870 Temporary Parent visa legislation including cessation of sponsorship, variation of the terms of a sponsorship, sponsorship cancellation, sponsorship obligations, including the obligation to keep records and notify the Minister of relevant events and much more.

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  •  What You'll Learn At This Live Online Workshop

  • Cessation of Sponsorship

    A discussion about when a parent sponsorship ceases to be in effect by reason of cancellation of a visa, death of the sponsor, withdrawal of sponsorship and other events. The consequences of the cessation of sponsorship.

  • Variation of Sponsorship

    A close look at the circumstances in which a sponsorship can be varied, whether variation affects all sponsored parents and the criteria that must be satisfied, including whether sponsorship obligations have been satisfied.

  • Sponsorship Obligations

    An analysis of the sponsorship obligations, including the obligations concerning health-related expenses and aged care service, the obligation to keep records and provide them to the Minister if required, the obligation to notify the Department when certain events occur and other obligations.

  • Disclosure of Information

    A discussion about the Minister’s power to disclose personal details of the visa applicant to the sponsor and vice-versa.

  • Liability to Pay Amounts

    A brief discussion on the government’s right to recover from the sponsor any amounts due by reason of outstanding public health debt.

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  • Presenter:

    Sergio Zanotti Stagliorio

    Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1461003)

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Special Note: This is Part 2 of our coverage of the new subclass 870 Temporary Parent Visa. A workshop replay is available here.


For Part 1 which covers other aspects of this new important visa, please click here for the live online workshop or click here for the workshop replay.