Workshop REPLAY:

The New Subclass 870 Temporary Parent Visa - Part 1

A Comprehensive Look At The New Legislation

Part 1 of our in-depth look at the new Subclass 870 Temporary Parent visa legislation including valid application requirements, sponsorship criteria, applicant requirements, new income and merits review requirements, and much more

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  •  What You'll Learn From This Workshop Replay

  • Schedule 1 - Valid Application Requirements

    Form, Visa Application Charges including First VAC and Second VAC, Schedule 1 sponsorship requirements, previous visa references 

  • Schedule 2  Visa Applicant Requirements

    A detailed look at TIme of Application and Time of Decision requirements including physical location of applicant, references to previously held 870 visas, genuine temporary stay requirements, substantial compliance requirements, new public health debt requirement, reviewability of visa decisions and more

  • Sponsorship Requirements

    Details of new sponsorship requirements including income requirements, cancellation of parent sponsorship, death of sponsor, withdrawal of sponsorship, family sponsorship application and approval criteria, general sponsorship requirements,  ineligible sponsors, sponsorship limitations, conduct requirements, debt limitations, issues re partners of sponsors, reviewability of sponsorship decisions and more 

  • Visa Conditions

    Visa conditions including work and permission to work details, health insurance, notification requirements including "online profile" notification requirement,  and more

Workshop Replay Details

  • Presenter:

    Sergio Zanotti Stagliorio

    Solicitor and Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1461003)

  • This Product is a recording of a live workshop originally broadcast on 15 April 2019 and includes all materials originally provided to live workshop attendees.

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Special Note: This is Part 1 of our coverage of the new subclass 870 Temporary Parent Visa. For Part 2 which covers other aspects of this new important visa, please click here for future live workshops of Part 2 or click here for the Workshop Replay of Part 2 available 24/7.