Skills Assessment Spotlight: VETASSESS

A detailed discussion on the criteria for successful skills assessment applications and practical tips including skills assessment pathways for different visa subclasses and occupations, differences between trade and general occupations, and an in-depth analysis of how qualifications and work experience are assessed

  •                   OMARA CPD Activity - Category A Online Workshop                   

    This professional online workshop (OMARA Activity Code WK564) will earn 1 CPD point for OMARA registered migration agents as an OMARA online workshop (category A activity)

  •  What You'll Learn At This Live Online Workshop

  • Basics

    Description and special role of VETASSESS in the skills assessment landscape, the role of VETASSESS vs TRA, application requirements, general vs trade occupations and more

  • Occupations

    A detailed look at general vs trade occupations and how they are assessed and handled differently by VETASSESS,  how they are divided into various occuaption categories and the relevance of the category assignment to assessment requirements, how work experience is treated and assessed, documentation requirements including work experience letters, occupation consulting services from VETASSESS and more

  • Qualifications

    How various types of educational qualifications are considered by VETASSESS including foreign equivalency issues, RPL issues, relevance and applicability of qualifications, documentation requirements for qualifications and more

  • Skills Assessment Pathways

    A detailed look at the different trade occupation pathways and the general occupation pathway including occupation and experience differences, occupational demonstrations, how to best meet the skills, experience and academic requirements of each pathway, working with VETASSESS case officers and what they look for, and more

  • Reviews and Appeals

    An examination of the VETASSESS review and appeal options including differences between different types of reviews, documentation requirements, issues regarding new evidence, determining the most effective review/appeal option for your client, and best ways to put together a review/appeal application to maximise the effectiveness of the application for your clients

Online Workshop Details

  • Presenter:

    Monica Gruszka

    Registered Migration Agent

    (MARN 1795131)

  •      Upcoming Workshop Sessions

    All Times AEST (Sydney) Time 

  • Tuesday 9 July 2019  12:00pm-1:00pm

Registraton Fee: $49 incl GST - includes 60-minute workshop plus all handouts and downloadable materials


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